Journal Special Issues Schedules

Journal Title Topic Due Date
Elsevier JVCIR Multimodal Cooperation for Multimedia Computing
  • · Multimodal cooperation theories and applications
  • · Human-computer-interaction with multimodal data
  • · Security problem in multimedia multimodal data
  • · Multimodal cooperation in healthcare applications
  • · Multimodal cooperation in state grid applications
  • · Modality-wise missing data completion
  • · Deep models for multimodal aggregation
  • · Multitask learning in Multimodal settings
  • · Multimedia question answering
  • · Multimodal feature learning and fusion
  • · Multimodal concept detection, object recognition, and segmentation
  • · Novel machine learning for multimodal analysis
  • · Multimodal data organization, indexing, and retrieval
  • · Common space learning for multimodal data
  • · Multimodal approaches to detecting complex activities
  • · Multimodal approaches to event analysis and modeling
  • · Temporal or structural modeling for multimodal data
  • · Scalable processing and scalability issues in multimedia multimodal analysis
  • · Deep learning for cross-media analysis, knowledge transfer and information sharing
Jul. 15th, 2018
Springer IJCV Generating Realistic Visual Data of Human Behavior
  • · Generation of faces and modification of their attributes (e.g. age, expression)
  • · Generation of human bodies or crowds for behavior analysis
  • · Synthesis of visual data representing individual and collective human activities
  • · Deep generative models for image/video generation of human behavior
  • · Parametric models for the synthesis of faces/bodies
  • · Generation of multi-modal (vision and beyond) human behavioral data
  • · Exploration of text-based descriptions linked with visual representation generation
  • · Applications (e.g. surveillance, autonomous driving, fashion, robotics)
Sep. 30th, 2018
Elsevier JVCIR Text-based Image/Video Understanding in Social Media Context
  • · Text normalization for social media, including misspellings, slang, profanity and neologisms
  • · Image/video-based sentiment and emotion analysis in social media
  • · Multi-view feature learning for text-based image/video modeling
  • · Image/video analysis, retrieval, extraction, classification, tracking and summarization
  • · Socially-aware image/video retrieval, classification and clustering
  • · Learning to match and rank for social media
  • · Social media recommendation for image/video applications
  • · Socially-aware texts for video summarization
  • · Image/video semantic calculation in noisy social media context
  • · Social media textual entailment recognition, extraction and generation
  • · One-round or multi-round conversation based social media
  • · Image/video processing methods for domain-specific social media, such as healthcare, medical, aesthetics, etc.
  • · Multimodal socially-aware image/video corpus generation
  • · Image/video annotation in social media by machine learning methods
  • · The information fusion or relevance detection in multimodal social media
  • · Harvesting image/video knowledge from social media
  • · Knowledge graph based automatic annotation, question answering, summarization, etc.
Nov. 1st, 2018

Conferences Schedules

Conference Title Due Date Conferece Date Conference Location
CVPR TBD Jun. 15th-21st, 2019 Los Angeles, California, USA
ICIP TBD Sep. 22nd-25th, 2019 Taipei, Taiwan
ICCV TBD Oct. 20th-26th, 2019 Seoul, South Korea