Underwater Image Enhancement Using Realistic Dataset With Turbidity and Color Distortion

Zero-shot learning for reflection removal of single 360-degree image

Zero-shot image dehazing using pseudo atmospheric light Image


Context-based matching refinement for person search

Context-aware unsupervised clustering for person search

End-to-end trainable trident person search network using adaptive gradient propagation

Multi-scale selective residual learning for non-homogeneous dehazing


Deep learning based depth estimation and reconstruction of light field images

Multiscale saliency detection for colored 3D point clouds based on random walk

Warping residual based image stitching for large parallax


Cloud removal of satellite images using convolutional neural network with reliable cloudy image synthesis model

Cluster-wise removal of reflection artifacts in large-scale 3D point clouds using superpixel-based glass region estimation


Video saliency detection using adaptive feature combination and localized saliency computation

Reflection removal for large-scale 3D point clouds


Gradient-based contrast enhancement and color correction for underwater images

Reflection removal using low-rank matrix completion


Depth guided selection of adaptive region of interest for grabcut-based image segmentation

Supervoxel-based saliency detection for large-scale colored 3D point clouds


Color preserving contrast enhancement for low light level images based on Retinex

SOWP: Spatially ordered and weighted patch descriptor for visual tracking

Robust contrast enhancement of noisy low-light images: denoising-enhancement-completion

Robust video stitching using adaptive pixel transfer

Multihypothesis trajectory analysis for robust visual tracking

Multiple random walkers and their application to image cosegmentation


Multiscale saliency detection for 3D meshes using random walk

Stereo video deraining and desnowing based on spatiotemporal frame warping

Depth-guided adaptive contrast enhancement using 2D histograms

Video saliency detection based on spatiotemporal feature learning

Robust video stabilization based on mesh grid warping of rolling-free features

Automatic video genre classification using multiple SVM votes

Visual tracking using pertinent patch selection and masking

GEQM: A quality metric for gray-level edge maps based on structural matching


Efficient depth map recovery using concurrent object boundaries in texture and depth images

Robust stereo matching under radiometric variations based on cumulative distributions of gradients

Reliable optical flow estimation in motion-blurred regions

Video saliency detection based on random walk with restart

Single-image deraining using an adaptive nonlocal means filter

Fast object tracking using color histograms and patch differences

Grabcut-based edge refinement using depth information


Histogram-based stereo matching under varying illumination conditions

Temporally coherent real-time video dehazing

Superpixel-based depth image super-resolution


Viewing angle dependent coding of digital holograms

Correspondence matching for multi-view sequences based on mutual activity voting

Contrast restoration for hazy video sequences

Single image dehazing based on contrast enhancement


Panoramic scene generation from multi-view images with close foreground objects


Vector quantization of 3D point clouds

Construction of regular 3D point clouds using octree partitioning and resampling


Lossless compression of point-based data for 3D graphics rendering


Compression of color data in 3D semi-regular meshes

View-dependent transmission of 3-D normal meshes


Normal mesh compression based on rate-distortion optimization

3D mesh compression using triangle fan structure


Triangle mesh compression using geometric constraints