2018.12.01 – 2021.11.30Samsung Future Tech Fostering Project
Visual information restoration with extreme underwater environments
2018.01.01 – 2022.12.31Institute for Information & Communications Technology Promotion (IITP)
Information-coordination technique enabling augmented reality with mobile objects
2017.04.01 – 2020.12.31Cross-Ministry Giga KOREA Project
Development of 4D reconstruction and dynamic deformable action model based hyper realistic service technology
2017.03.01 – 2020.02.29NRF(중견연구자지원 사업)
Glass image processing for 360° large-scale 3D scene reconstruction
2018.02.01 – 2018.12.31Ulsan metropolitan city
Global collaboration program for the 4th industry revolution smart technology
2017.02.02 – 2018.12.31KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute)
Image restoration by denoising for satellite images
2017.03.01 – 2017.12.31UNIST research grant
Multi-valued logic based low-power neuromorphic computer
2016.11.01 – 2017.10.31NRF
Multi-view video stitching with moving cameras with wide baselines
2016.10.24 – 2017.07.31NRF
Development of automation system for standard movement code
2016.11.01 – 2017.03.31ETRI
Image segmentation using color and depth images
2013.06.01 – 2016.05.30NRF
Researches on correspondence matching of multi-view videos and 3D reconstruction based on heterogeneous sensors
2015.10.28 – 2016.02.28KETI (Korea Electronics Technology Institute)
Compression of 3D point cloud images
2013.11.01 – 2014.10.30KEIT (Korea Evaluation Institude of Industrial Technology)
Development of pico projector engine and core components for the realization of 3 dimensional HD image
2010.05.01 – 2013.04.30NRF (National Research Foundation)
3D point modeling and data coding for realistic 3D image applications
2012.03.01 – 2012.08.31KIST (Global Frontier Program)
Segmentation of recognized objects using color and depth images
2011.09.01 – 2011.12.31ETRI
Video based foreground object detection
2011.07.01 – 2011.12.31LG Electronics Co.
Map fitting and image texturing
2011.07.01 – 2011.12.31LG Electronics Co.
Vision-based command recognition for RoboKing
2009.10. – 2011.09UNIST research grant
3D data processing and transmission
2010.06. – 2010.11ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
Automatic extarction of realistic sensory effects from video
2010.10.01 – 2011.03.31Elcomtech
OpenGL based SMMD simulator
2008Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
3-D modeling and rendering based on multi-view images R&D project
2007Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
Point sampled representations for 3-D picture and video processing R&D project
2006Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
3-D graphics rendering hardware based on Reconfigurable Processor R&D project
2000.06. – 2005.06.Korean Government
3-D Visual Information Processing
1999.08. – 2000.02.Samsung Electronics Co.
Implementation of color descriptors in MPEG-7 XM
1998.10. – 1999.11.Electrical Engineering and Science Research Institute
Analysis of acoustic signals for detection of partial discharges in transformers